Redbud National motocross race on Freedom Trax






We took Freedom Trax to the Redbud National Pro Motocross race.  This was a large event with over 60,000 in attendance.  Redbud motocross track is set in a hilly area covered with grass.  Almost everywhere you go you are going up or down hills.  The racing was amazing.  The July 4th crowd was prime to have fun and celebrate the country’s birth.

The racing was intense.  Bikes were hitting jumps and flying 30 feet in the air and flying over 100 feet before landing on every lap of the race.  Large LED monitors are set up at locations around the track, so you can see what is happening on the other side of the hill.

With Freedom Trax, I was able to go almost everywhere at the track.  We’d watch in one place for a while and then move on to a different part of the track to watch.  One of the toughest part of the day was going across the side of the hill through the large crowd.  I went through the crowd on a path that was just wide enough for me to fit, with people on each side.  At one point the path was blocked and I had to turn and go uphill to go around.  Freedom Trax worked flawlessly.  We spent from noon until 3:30 at the race.  With the standard battery, we covered a lot of ground with power to spare.

Freedom Trax makes large crowded events on rough terrain easy to navigate.  It gives you the freedom to explore sporting events, concerts, and other fun events that you might have avoided before Freedom Trax.

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