X Games 2018 Aspen Colorado



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We took our Freedom Trax FT2 to Colorado last winter.  We stopped at Winter Park for the adaptive ski team and adaptive recreational skiers could demo Freedom Trax.

After Winter Park, we headed to Aspen for the 2018 Winter X games.  It was a beautiful day and the competition was exciting.  We were standing at the bottom of the hill when Chloe Kim walked by after a practive run on the way to winning the Gold Medal.  Melanie said “Great run, that was amazing”.  Chloe turned and smiled as she said “Thank you”.

It wasn’t long before we noticed several people having difficulty climbing the packed snow hills to the viewing areas.  With extreme sports, there are a lot of injuries.  We started a shuttle service using Freedom Trax FT2 from the shuttle bus to the viewing areas.  Freedom Trax was able to go most everywhere that viewing was allowed.  We even made it up the hill, through the packed crowds, and down between portions of the snow bike motocross track.

Freedom Trax was easy to manuever through the crowds and was a lot of fun.  The downhills were a blast.  A lot of people commented on how cool Freedom Trax was and were very impressed with FT’s capabilities.

We were able to watch the big air tricks for snowboarders, the half pipe, and the snow bike races.  It was a great time.  If you want to go to the X Games, just make sure to take your Freedom Trax.  You will have a great time and be able to see a lot of amazing athletes.  You may even get the chance to say hi to Chloe.



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