Gabi Loco in Cozumel






In September of 2011, Gabi was a divemaster in Cozumel, Mexico.  He was going for a deep dive with 2 other divers.  As they reached their planned depth, one of the divers was affected by nitrogen narcosis.  Nitrogen narcosis is caused by nitrogen being dissolved into the blood due to pressure.  This limits rational thinking.  The affected diver didn’t stop and continued for the bottom.  Gabi didn’t hesitate, he went after the diver to try to save her.  Gabi’s life was changed forever.  The nitrogen bubbles pressed against the nerves in his spinal column damaging them and leaving Gabi paralyzed from mid-chest down.

It was years before Gabi would dive again.  With the help of Diveheart, an adaptive diving organization, Gabi dove again.  He has to dive on nitrox and no deeper than 30 feet, however he is able to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean.

After the accident, Gabi started competing in triathlons.  He has raced in the Ironman in Cozumel.

Last year we saw a video of Freedom Trax.  We started a fundraiser and purchased a FT1.  Gabi lives on an island paradise with beautiful beaches everywhere.  He was only able to watch his family and friends from the parking lot. With Freedom Trax, he is able to enjoy the beaches again.

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Gabi supports his family by hand making souvenirs out of palm leaves and coconuts.  If you are in Cozumel, stop by his shop and check out some of his creations.  Gabi is also ready to take you on a Freedom Trax tour and show you all the beautiful places on the island.


You can see some of Gabi’s creations on his Facebook page. Gabi Loco’s Mayan Treasures

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