Meeting with Walker AMBUCs and Lori’s voice

We were given the opportunity to do a presentation of Freeom Trax to the Walker chapter of AMBUCs and Lori’s Voice.  Terry Dart came with his FT1 and shared with the group what having a Freedom Trax meant to him.

We had a great buffet lunch at Uccello’s Restaurante and then started the meeting.  Chris Wright showed a few video’s of Freedom Trax in action in snow, sand, mud, etc.  Then Terry talked about the freedom he now has with his FT1.  He goes to the doughnut store and even goes out at night when he can’t sleep to look at the stars.  Terry is a double amputee.  A very unique benefit he has received from riding his Freedom Trax FT1, is the reduction in phantom pain.  Terry will get very intense pain from the legs that are no longer there.  While riding his FT1 and for a few days after, he doesn’t feel the pain anymore.  We aren’t sure why and it may not work for anyone else, but at least Terry has some relief from his pain.

After Terry’s talk, we discussed how we could work together in the future.  We had a great discussion, with some great ideas we are going to pursue.  Freedom Trax International also offered to bring a Freedom Trax out to events they have in the future to help out.

All in all it was a great meeting.  We are looking forward to working together in the future to bring the Freedom to Explore to more people and see more smiles on faces.

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