Young boy roasting a marshmellow to make a s'more

Benjamin’s Hope Harvest Festival 2018


The 2018 edition of Benjamin’s Hope Harvest Festival was a success.  Over 1000 people attended. Flight for life helicopter made an appearance and we were able to check out the inside.

There were lots of things to do, including games, s’mores, hay rides, buggy rides, fire hose play, etc.  Freedom Trax had no problem, even in the deepest grass.

I went we Esther and her grandson, Hunter.  Hunter loves riding on the back of Freedom Trax and has even started doing freestyle tricks.  We went through thick grass that was at least 6 inches deep with no problem.

This is a great Festival and we are looking forward to the 2019 edition.  Come out and join us for a lot of fun, food, and friends.

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