Whiting Forest Canopy Walk


The Whiting Forest Canopy walk is a new addition to Dow Gardens.  The canopy walk is almost totally accessible even for manual wheelchairs.  The canopy walk is basically a very large wheelchair ramp that goes up 40 feet into the trees.

There is a glass box that isn’t for people with a fear of heights.  You can go out onto the glass and see completely around you, even down.  With Freedom Trax zero turn radius, you can go in and spin around to come back out.

There is an awesome playground for the kids.  There are also lots of trails for hiking, that has a firm surface for wheelchair use.  We went on October 28th, so the fall colors were in peak.  With Freedom Trax, we were able to go off road and go right up to the edge of the pond.  The surface was spongy from leaves, but Freedom Trax had no problem going right through them.

I suggest that if you have a chance, go to the Whiting Forest Canopy walk.  There is a lot to do and see, even if you have a manual wheelchair or have a cane.  Even a first time power chair user can easily manuever through almost the entire canopy walk.


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