Fox 17 story on Terry Dart





Click on the link below to see the Fox 17 story.

Seasoned deer hunter has new outlook after losing his legs

Terry Dart loved to hunt all his life.  After losing both legs due to a medical condition, he thought his hunting days were over.  Terry bought a Freedom Trax FT1 earlier this year.  Terry’s friends made a hunting blind that he can drive his Freedom Trax FT1 right in and hunt.  We contacted Fox 17 news and let them know that Terry would be doing a little target practice at West Michigan Archery Center.

It didn’t take long to realize that Terry hadn’t lost much.  His first few shots all hit in the yellow on the target.  His form was perfect. Freedom Trax gave him the mobility to shoot from his chair, without any additional help.

Double amputee practicing archery from his Freedom Trax FT1
Terry’s form was awesome as he practiced archery from his Freedom Trax FT1 at the West Michigan Archery Center indoor range

Terry hit the bullseye several times. He shot both indoors and outdoors.  Freedom Trax made the outdoor range easy to access.  Indoors, Freedom Trax was able to go through a standard door.  Fox 17 did interviews with both Chris and Terry.

On opening day, Terry was with his hunting buddies of 50 years for 4 days hunting.  Chris was out with Michigan Operation Freedom Outdoors to demo with their hunters.  The MiOFO demo will be in a later post.



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