Adaptive Skiing

Adaptive ski nights at

Caberfae Peaks in Cadillac, Michigan USA

There is free adaptive skiing at Caberfae on Thursday nights from 5:30 to 8:00pm under the lights. Full Potential Adventures – Living Life to the Fullest provides the equipment, training, and support. They could use more volunteers and volunteers get a free lift pass on nights of the event.

This is a longer video than I normally post because I know there is a lot of anxiety in going someplace new and trying something like skiing. So hopefully, this will alleviate those fears. This was Susan and Hillary’s first time adpative skiing. You can see the evolution from scared and anxious to absolutely loving life. The part showing how they get on and off the lift was their first time. Neither one hit the snow. So no worries about face planting into the snow.

Once you get to the resort, if you need help to get from your car to the lodge, send me a message and I will bring Freedom Trax out to you to ride into the lodge. You can also use it to get from the lodge to where you will get into the ski sled.

To begin with they will go over the equipment with you in the lodge. You can see how everything works before you go on the slopes. The sled has a hinge that allows the seat to come up and you sit on the chair lift without leaving the ski sled. The lift operator slows the lift and your coach is next to you. The coach picks up one side of the sled and a volunteer picks up the other side. All work together to get you safely on the ski lift. Getting off the lift is easier. They don’t even slow the lift down. The ski goes onto the snow and the coach slides you off the lift and then guides you down to a place to stop and prepare for the ski down. Your coach will work with you to teach you how to control the ski sled. He/she has total control of the sled and can help you to feel how to turn. As you get better at it the coach is doing less of the work and you are doing more of the skiing. After many times skiing, when you say you are ready, then you can go down by yourself with no help.

Volunteers also ski behind and to the side of you to make a little barrier so you don’t have to worry about being hit by any out of control skiers. We need more volunteers, if you know someone that might be interested.

If you have any questions or would like to try adaptive skiing or volunteer, you can message me on the Freedom Trax International page. I hope to see you Thursday night at Caberfae.

 — at Caberfae Peaks.


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