Susan goes Sky Diving

Madison Gardner of 9 & 10 news is doing a multi-part story on Susan, one of our Freedom Trax owners.  Susan was home bound for 8 years with a muscular degenerative disease.  Within the last year, Susan has purchased an accessible van and her Freedom  Trax.  With her new-found freedom, Susan is working on a bucket list with her friend Hilary.  We checked adaptive skiing off the list earlier this year.  Sky diving is next on the list.  We went to Charlevoix, MI for sky diving orientation to get ready for the jump at the end of May.  Then we went to the beach for interviews and for Madison to give Freedom Trax a whirl.  Susan and Hilary spent a lot of time rock hounding.  It was a very calm day, just after it rained.  So the rocks were wet and made it easier to find the good ones.  I also found snow still left in the woods.  Be watching for the future blog when Susan and Hilary go sky diving.

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