Lori’s Voice Walk for the Challenged

Freedom Trax International had a vendors booth at the 2019 Lori’s Voice Walk for the Challenged.  This event brings in a lot of the money that Lori’s Voice uses to provide equipment and services for people with special needs in the Muskegon, Michigan area.  This is a great event that brings together more than a 1,000 people to walk the race track at Berlin Speedway.  There are lots of activities for kids of all ages.

Many celebrities attended from the news media, Cosplay Superheroes, race car drivers, and many others.  We actually felt a little like celebrities.  Many people came up and said they were glad that we came to show off Freedom Trax.



A few of the people that took Fredom Trax for a ride were:

Ms Michigan, Rachel Adenaas.


Jennifer Spaulding, Ms. Wheelchair Michigan.


and some of Lori’s Voice families.

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