Accessories for Your Freedom Trax

Pro Battery

The pro battery gives you an additional 3 miles over the standard battery for a total of 8 miles.  For the pro battery add $360 to the price of the FT with a standard battery.


Remote control Controller

If you would like to be able to drive your FT to you, choose the remote control option.  Remote control is also for when the person using the Freedom Trax isn’t able to drive themselves.  You drive them with the remote control.  For the remote control option add $180 to your order.


Any questions on pricing for either the pro battery or the remote please contact

X-Ability Body Coat

Freedom Trax give you mobility in snow and the X-Ability Body Coat keeps you warm while you are outside.  The body coat goes into your wheelchair and then you sit into it and zip it up around you.  An easy way to stay very warm while you are outside in the winter.


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